Re: Max level

From: Edward Felch (
Date: 06/28/01

Gah, stop the quoting! Well, one thing, show us some kind of log of the
error, something akin to gdb output perhaps. Also, do you have a function
for calculating all the exp for the new levels? If not make something simple
and keep an eye out for exceeding the variable experience is defined as,
that is one variable which always hits large numbers. Make sure you change
all occurances of any changes you've made for variables in structures
elsewhere, make sure you read the document on how to add levels and so
forth, might have forgotten something.

If immortals take damage in combat you will need to look through fight.c
carefully, on my MUD I let all gods take damage but they can't be reduced to
less than one life. Maybe there is a check something is like: if
(GET_LEVEL(vict) > LVL_IMMORT) but it should be >=. Who knows :)
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