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From: Torgny 'Artovil' Bjers (
Date: 06/29/01


>   I've been developing my mud on a win32 platform now for just under a year
>and have recently received access to a host.  My host is running an unknown
>version of Unix, and i'm not much of a hand at such OSes.  I got it to
>configure correctly, however, when i pull a 'make circle' in the /src i get
>weird warnings and errors that don't pop up when i'm using good ole' MSVC.
One other thing easily overlooked. You have to convert all source and
header files to UNIX line format.  Otherwise you might get compiler
warnings.  There are several tools out there, search the list archives for
tips on this, since I have asked the questions myself, or email me if you
have any questions about it.

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