Re: Circle30bpl17 Oasis, Ansii Pfiles, Hedi t / SYSERR: Unexpected end of help file.

From: David Cole (
Date: 06/29/01

All the help files (*.hlp) are in a bunch of jarbled stuff. Like when you
open a .exe file in a ansii text program. You get numbers to the left and
some form of jarbled text to the right. I looked at the feof() stuff but
nothing seemed wrong. Outplace. Etc. The Mud compiles compleatly clean, no
errors. I did have to add something to a msvc++ file. But it was _filneo
some errors in disko.c with the ansii pfiles, but one i add int _filneo; to
the list it works.

Maybe the format of the *.hlp files are bad, but they look the same way they
always have and the index files are perfect stock and in order with the nice
little $ at the end of it. This really sucks. I want to use circle cause it
is much better then smaug. but i already have a smaug mud running in less
then 5 min with no problems and am still boggling over circle.

I don't wanna use smaug but this whole error after error thing in circle is
begining to drain my energy's in using it. Anyone got any other ideas as to
what may be wrong?

David Cole
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