Circle30bpl18 Works great! Max Level? Patches?

From: David Cole (
Date: 07/01/01

Problem solved. I stopped using the pre patched codes and went to
circle30bpl18. Though now i have to patch the ansii pfiles and the oasis olc
and the dg scripting not to mention a million other things, but it runs! heh

Well anyways im working on porting allot of the coding i did in smaug over
to circle. Most of its gone good so far. But im wanting to raise the levels
of the mud to 60 based. Like most normal muds. 50 mortal levels and 10
immortal levels. Can anyone tell me how i might go about doing this?

Also if there is a version of ansii pfiles, oasis, etc that will patch to
circle30bpl18 can anyone send me a link to it? most things on the ftp are
for 17 or bellow.

David Cole

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