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From: George Greer (
Date: 07/03/01

On Tue, 3 Jul 2001, Mysidia wrote:

>> An 'rnum' should fit in the same space as a 'vnum' otherwise you have a
>> rather useless batch of real numbers.
>   Well yeah.. i'm rather meaning there ought to be explicit typecasts
>to type (room_vnum) or (obj_vnum) for example when a vnum variable is
>being used to hold a rnum and an (obj_rnum) cast when the rnum is being
>extracted, so it's obvious that that's what's happening

The _only_ time that should ever happen is the time between loading the
world into memory and renum_world() or renum_zone_table() getting called.
Beyond bootup they should always be considered a real number.

>in many cases where a vnum is put into an int, different kinds of
>vnums/rnums are also put into that int

For now we're assuming (theoreticall) sizeof(room_vnum) <= sizeof(long).
In practicality the code may have some instances of 'int' usage we need to
get rid of.

>The way shop functions are implemented is annoying..

Take it up with the author, if you can find him.  Or you can suggest stuff
to us and we'll think about it.  At the moment a shop rewrite doesn't score
high on the priority list especially since it is new in 3.0.  At least the
files are ASCII... :)

>Having a MOB_SHOP NPC flag set by the system and then used by the command
>interpreter in special case fashion would be better than that.

Then we have to special case the command search... I'd say just make the
special procedures an array instead of single value.

George Greer

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