Re: [Snippet] Does anyone have a snippet for turning the Item Weapon into Guns?

From: Edward Felch (
Date: 07/03/01

Look here, very few people are willing to write code for anyone else other
than themselves. Snippets are a work of charity and very few are going to
rewrite it for "newer" versions because they are probably quite happy with
what they have.

This is your part as a coder and IMP: look and think up ideas, see if you
can write it yourself, if it seems too complex, look for a snippet and
realize this: No snippet or patch goes into any MUD flawlessly, your part is
to make it work.

The patch on ranged weapons that is uploaded is easy to modify, it uses the
ITEM_RANGEDWEP which was never implemented in stock CircleMUD, the only
major aspects of ranged weapons are loading, and shooting, both are simple
affairs to edit (I've changed it so there are an unlimited number of
ammunition types [determined by the ammo object of course] which load into
"guns" (bows) using that ammo type), I think... it took about 5 minutes to
work in.

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