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From: Sean Holt-Carden (
Date: 07/05/01

On Thursday 05 July 2001 10:53 pm, you wrote:
> How would I make it so I can edit a message instead of having to save,
> remove, and make another post on a board? Like keep the time and
> everything. The post will still be there but it goes back to edit. Would
> there be a big problem with this and the stock code for boards?
It would all depend on which editor you have in your MUD.
If you have the old editor which uses the "@" character to end the message
then it would be pretty difficult.
But...if you had the new editor which uses such commands as /s, /e, /h, etc
it would be pretty easy...mainly just put the old message into the buffer and
use the commands that come with the editor to change the message. Then save
the message back to where it was originally...without changing the time-stamp
and all that.

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