Re: [CODE] rec_count bug?

From: Glover, Rick I. (RickGlover@PaulHastings.COM)
Date: 07/05/01

> > In db.c around line 600:
> >
> >   /* Any idea why you put this here Jeremy? */
> >   rec_count++;
> From what I can tell at a quick look it's to check that some zones got
> loaded in the first place.
I had pointed this out to George a while back so he put in the comment/
question to Jeremy.  After looking through some of the old code and the
current code I came to find that it may have been a bit of 'style' put
in there by Jeremy so that in the lines that follow you would not have
to put 'rec_count + 1' in every CREATE macro.  Please correct me if I'm
wrong.  Thanks.  Rick

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