Re: Max players on this boot: (%d = boot_max?)

From: Cris Jacobin (
Date: 07/07/01

On Saturday, July 7, 2001, at 04:49 AM, David Cole wrote:
> I'm working on redoing the who format. I'm wanting to add a simple feature
> at the bottum displaying the max amount of players that have been on this
> boot. I figured it was boot_max or max_boot but i was wrong. Was wanting to
> know if anyone can tell me what it is? i've scowered the files and havent
> found anything similar what so ever.

   Check the ftp site for something akin to new_do_who.txt (daniel?).
It's a snippet that has the functionality you are looking for.  It's
just a global var.

   There is also a snippet I had uploaded years ago, usr_ctr.txt I think,
that saves the total number of games served for display in who.

  I've found David, scouring the archives is not enough.  You have to
check the list, the ftp site and the ceramic mouse site.  The
information you want to find is likely to be one at least one of them,
however there is a serious disconnect between the information on the
three of them.


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