Re: Many things

From: Edward Felch (
Date: 07/07/01

Not so many things but a few tips:
  Autoequip has been discussed a gazillion times, searching the archives is
a good way of finding things. Open up structs.h and set USE_AUTOEQ to 1.

XP: Ok, this is really maybe some things you changed. Check the XP defines
in class.c, did you add a new class but not it's exp? Are the mobs set to
have like 1000000 xp somehow? In limits.c check the gain_exp functions and
make sure theres no random multipliers to the xp. Best thing to do in the
long run: rip out anything to do with xp and make your own system, also;
write functions to determine how much xp is needed for a class, life is much
simpler this way.
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