[INFO] Spellbook snippet uploaded to ftp site

From: Mike Breuer (mbreuer@new.rr.com)
Date: 07/08/01

Hello list:

I've seen some discussion in the past about using spellbooks or mobs to teach
spells/skills.  I have finally gotten around to creating snippets for adding
spellbooks, and have uploaded them to the ftp site.  There are two relevant
snippets that need to be applied.  The first one makes modifications to spell
learning to allow spells (and skills) that are not acquired through leveling,
but can still be taught to players and improved using the normal practice
command.  I also included an example of a mob "teacher" in the snippet.

The second adds my implementation of spellbooks, which can be used to teach
spells (or skills) to eligible players.  As of a couple of days ago, both
snippets are available in:


as: learned_spells.txt and learned_book.txt

Please feel free to email me with any comments, questions, etc.  Happy


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