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From: Its Me Christian (cd_fl@hotmail.com)
Date: 07/10/01

Hello list,

I am thinking about imp'ing a command that you can add/delete/change skills
and spells. I was thinking about doing this by delete every single last
thing to do with Stock Spells/skills code and re-making it and having a file
for each spell.

Now. My question is has anyone done this before and if so could you please
assist me with this and/or let me know if it is possible to do.

How i am going to do this im not quite sure but i will get rid off all the
skills/spells code that is currently in there and i will totaly re-do it. I
am thinking when you cast the spell or skill it will check for a file named
that and get all the information that spell needs.

- Christian

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