Re: Max players on this boot: (%d = boot_max?)

From: Alex (
Date: 07/11/01

>   I've found David, scouring the archives is not enough.  You have to
> check the list, the ftp site and the ceramic mouse site.  The
> information you want to find is likely to be one at least one of them,
> however there is a serious disconnect between the information on the
> three of them.
Right now, yes, there is a good deal of disparity.  However, we are
working on tying the lot of them together a lot more tightly.  As it
currently stands, the FTP site actually contains pretty complete mail
archives (in unix mailbox form, rather big files, so be warned) of the
older mail.  All of which is available on the main CircleMUD pages.

The plan for the Ceramic Mouse stuff is to tie it directly to the FTP site
so that it is (more or less) a nice html interface to the FTP site with
the ability to post comments, bug reports, whatever about files found
there (and so forth).

Unfortunately, with only 5 of us working on this, and all of us having
full-time employ (whether that be as student or actual job), we are
limited to our free time to spend on this.  And as a side note, the word
'this' includes the time spent working on the main source tree.  *grin*


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