Re: do_set check

From: George Greer (
Date: 07/11/01

On Wed, 11 Jul 2001, Daniel A. Koepke wrote:

>  -   } else if (is_file) {
>  +   } else if ((vict = get_player_vis(ch, name, FIND_CHAR_WORLD))) {
>  +     /* 'set file' on an online player works like 'set player' */
>  +     is_file = 0;
>  +   } else {
>That is, if we have 'set file' and the player is online and visible, then
>ignore the is_file flag (turn it off).

While I can't think of a reason other than perhaps password to write to the
file while someone is online, I consider it rather rude to silently change
the command that was asked for. I would say give them a warning only "This
person is already online and the changes will most likely not be reflected
in the player file.  Remove them from the game first." Still do the write

>Anyone see any problems with this change?  Can anyone think of a reason
>to leave it as is?  (The reason to change it, I guess, is that 'set file'
>on an online player will have no real result, except a disk read and disk
>write, but the committed changes will be overwritten and the online
>player won't reflect the changes.  Thus, 'set file' on an online player
>is an effective non-op.)

All I can think of is changing the password so someone cannot log into the
account while they're online, until they log off or it saves. Admittedly a
rather weak situation.

George Greer

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