Re: [BUG] Saveing Char

From: Its Me Christian (
Date: 07/12/01

>Dunno if your using ascii pfiles, if you are make sure the plr_index is
>cleared. Also make sure any permissions are set, I had a lot of trouble
>when I uploaded files from windows to freebsd and some of the files kept
>the read-only permission which had to be removed.
Yes i do have ascii pfile and i deleted the plr_index but it still didnt
work. Also, can you give me a bit more information on the permissions.

This is the error i get when i try and make a new player.
Oct 13 08:18:56 :: SYSERR: init_char: Character 'Testgod' not found in
player table.
Oct 13 08:18:56 :: Testgod [] new player.
Oct 13 08:18:57 :: Testgod un-renting and entering game.
Oct 13 08:18:57 :: Testgod (level 0) has 77 objects (max 30).
Oct 13 08:18:57 :: Testgod advanced to level 1

thanks for any help

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