Re: [OFF TOPIC] [LONG] Patches, Mega Bundles and Newbies

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 07/17/01

> My aim of this post is to ask what your thoughts are on the trends that
> the new questions are taking? Do you agree/disagree with my thoughts?
> And finally, I hope I have passed on some knowledge through the examples
> I have provided (and I hope I have not chosen any examples that may
> denigrate anyone as that is not my aim).

        Personally, I'm not quite as politically correct.  There are a few
people that - due to past behavior - I would single out.  However,  I
simply delete their messages, and since I don't feel like generating a
list from the archives, you 'll get no such rouge's gallery from me.

        Though it would make a useful addition to my procmail script...

        In anycase though, even with messages which could be paraphrased
as "You made a mistake learning how to use email before you learned how to
code," I try to actually provide enough info to let someone learn how to
do it themselves, without giving the direct answer.

        It may be better to say that I provide an answer relative to the
percieved level of expertise.  So, if you can't code, I won't provide any
code; there's no point.  If you code a little, I'll provide small
snippets, and so on.

        I'll also try to personally answer any messages which I haven't
seen anyone else on the list answer, when it is a message worth a
response, and I actually know the answer...

        What bugs me though, is when people actually do ALL the work for
someone else.  It just rewards the begging behavior that I try actively to

> [OB-Circle]
> We are developing a mud from scratch based on Visual Basic. (Why, when
> .NET is coming soon!!) It requires a unique interface, however, it
> allows pictures to be attached to each room (No, we are not doing a full
> blown Everquest - we dont have time or money). And because we love
> CircleMUD so much, it is compatible with existing zon/wld/obj files.

        If you've got a developers subscription, you already have access
to the VB .net stuff; at least the internet SDK v.2, and a few other
things like that.

        Of course, according to the licencing for said package, you're not
allowed to use any open source/free source licenses - this includes gpl,
creative (perl) and probably diku too (since it forbids making money).
That is, you can't store, edit, or use, develop, or include any of that
sort of stuff in the development of your code (so, no being sneaky and
editing your files in vi, or saving a backup on a linux system, or copying
free source code!)

        I'd make sure that if you ever release it (either in binary or
open source/etc) that you have some sort of actual proof that you only
used the building.txt file (downloaded via IE/built-in ftp program for
windows) and read it via word/notepad to generate the circlemud
file-loading sections.  I'm not sure what the specific definitions are,
but i think it's alright if you download a resource from a non-MS server,
as long as you never use free/open tools to view/operate on it.

        I _really_ hope you didn't look at the actual code.

        It's funny how MS takes something like 'client-server' methodology
of a sort that went out with direct time-sharing connections to a
mainframe, calls it .net, and it's suddenly so great.

        Heh.  Well, better than corba or com, I guess.  At least it's easy
to use if you don't mind their licencing restrictions.


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