Re: [OFF TOPIC] [LONG] Patches, Mega Bundles and Newbies

From: Phillip Tran (
Date: 07/19/01

[Del ranted]
> Reason #3, The concept of "I had to do it the hard way, so you should too" is
> by far the most stupid idea around. The demand for a code base with OLC is
> high. (Who wants a base without olc?) So why should everyone have to install
> something that is common? (Then we fall back to reason #2, and then to #1)

Someone started this quote from the previous emails. The point is not
"You walk my pathway son, otherwise you are DOOMED!" or "You have got it
so easy these days, not like when I was a newbie..".

My main point was, a question can clearly indicate whether the poster
was just too damn lazy to make a genuine attempt at looking around first
before they get stumped. And it is this laziness that spoils it for the
rest of us. Those that make an interesting post actually benefit
everyone involved, me personally because it forces you to jog through
your memory at which section of the code base needs changes to provide
the solution. Positive questioning (how's that for a marketing term?) is
the nourishment for the regulars who "appear" to never tire answering
the questions.

Anyways, I hope we have cleared the air for what constitutes a stoopeed

"What? Bitvectors??!!! NO NO NO, I will not go back to my C book to read
that! Ah sh*t, ran out of AFF Flags"

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