Re: DG-Scripts question.

From: Del (
Date: 07/20/01

Thomas Jones wrote:
> Anyone have know where I can find a patch for DG Scripts 7 patched into
> code that already has Oasis OLC 1.6(b preferred but will take anything
> above 1.5).  The only patch I can find tries to patch in OLC and with it
> already added the patch fails miserably.
> I do try to hand patch most things but DG is too big. I would rather
> patch and then clean up.
> Thanks,
> Thomas Jones
> P.S. By the way is this meassage text wrapped correctly? This mail
> client seems to ignore the damn settings about half the time.

Actually dg is not that big if you break down the patch.
I patched it in by hand several times.
I removed all the individual files and pasted that into a separate patch.
The rest was only a few K in size :)

Oh, to answer your question,
and take your pick

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