Re: Poll: global buffers (long)

From: Jarratt Davis (
Date: 07/21/01

> "bad" is relative.  Do you use a global variable or pass around 13
> different variables you don't care about?
Depends on how your like your code to read :)  I'm not a fan of
static variables, and prefer parameters.  The various arguments
I've seen to date against 'buf' which mostly run along the lines
of  'possibility of data corruption, or the accidental use/display
of old data or data from another function' can be prevented.
To me it makes more sense having a standard (this being the
operative word) buffer system used throughout the code
be it dynamically allocated (but would we always want this?),
or static, than passing parameters willy-nilly all over the place.
I agree with a comment that someone else made earlier in the
discussion that maybe for people new to CircleMUD and C
coding in general, there should be a few variable name changes
if we decide not to change the system.  eg. 'buf' becomes 'gbuf'
and is documented in such a place that someone new will
read about it without having to fall over it accidentally smack
bang in the middle of the code, and functions that currently
use a locally declared 'buf' be renamed to 'lbuf'.  BTW these
names are only used for illustration and not ones Im necessarily
suggesting we use :)
I must admit, all discussions aside, Im more interested in what
you George are contemplating we change to :)

> I suppose then it becomes a
> matter of what IS your design?
Which is probably what you are asking people since the pro's
and con's are going to be mostly personal, dependant upon a
persons coding style.  Hopefully someone is going to prove
me wrong and come up with strong arguments for, or against
'buf' being global - but I havent seen any so far, and don't have
any to add myself.  Either that is my agreeable nature or the
fact that my brain went to sleep 1 hour ago and forgot to tell
me. :)

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