Re: buf, buf1, buf2, arg: J J & E

From: Mark Setzer (
Date: 07/21/01

> Should our development be driven by the existance of external patches?  If
> so we might as well stop now and throw up our hands because no matter what
> changes we do in the future will result in something breaking.  Especially
> regarding OLC interaction.

nah, i just meant that it should wait for another point release. even now
some of the bpl11 patches work cleanly with bpl18 with very minor changes. i
think you're just elevating the barrier to entry with pulling out the global

> It took me ~12 hours from scratch.  The implementors will have a patch
> taking care of every stock usage.  It's going to take them 4 months to fix
> the code they've written? That assumes they want to fix their code too.
> They're free to rename it send_to_charf() if they want and add a single
> letter to the new function calls.

i agree. providing backward compatibility by default isn't your job. i guess
there's always the possibility of writing a diff specifically for that
purpose.. hmm.

anyway, thanks for your comments.


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