Re: buf, buf1, buf2, arg: J J & E

From: Cris Jacobin (
Date: 07/22/01

> So as judge, jury, and executioner, I say good riddance:
> (~400kB)
> (The above is not the final version of the patch. I'm still doing other
> cleanups.  The majority of the changes are how they will end up being.
> This
> will NOT be part of bpl19.  Maybe bpl20.)

   Well I'm in favor of it from a stability standpoint.  Been a few times
that an item was quite hard to debug with gdb due to my stack being
walked over.

  This is the most drastic change since a certain oft used structure was
removed from mobiles a year or two ago.  I do expect to see a lot of
'why doesn't this three line patch' work on the list as a result ;)

Performance wise, I'm curious as to see how efficient circle will be
after global buffers are removed.  Before we'd build a global buffer and
send it to n people.  Now it appears to me we're going to rebuild the
buffer for each individual user.  I don't expect it to have that much of
an impact, but I've always been quite proud of the fact that my game
uses far less cpu than any other codebase running on the box.  Nice and

I'll probably wait until bpl20 is released to bring my game up from
bpl17, as I have a suspicion that more is coming down the pipe.


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