Re: [CODE] struct char_file_u mismatch

From: Michael Gesner (dabion@WPI.EDU)
Date: 07/22/01

> Can't you just use sizeof(struct char_file_u) or am I a moron?

No, you can't just use sizeof(struct char_file_u).

I am using PHP and MySQL as the backend for the web.  The web system
itself requires a member login.  If you'll look at the struct, the
password and login name are not adjacent to eachother.  Therefore, I need
to be able to navigate the structure via the binary file.

yes, I know this could be avoided if I either installed ASCII pfiles or if
I made a passwd file which just included the crypt and the username.
However, the possibilities that I have by being able to parse the pfile
itself via a PHP interface is more what I was looking for.

Besides that, it still beckons the question of why the "test" file did not
detect all of the bytes in the structure...

I'd rather hear solutions for the question at hand rather than "a way to
get by"  There are plenty of quick fixes for the problem... but I'm
looking for a solution instead of an answer... if that makes sense to any
of you taking a look at this one.

Thanx for the quick response...

Still Looking for an answer,

Lodaren of Rhu-Dina'ar 7777

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