Re: [CODE] struct char_file_u mismatch

From: Michael Gesner (
Date: 07/22/01

> The structure can have arbitrary padding added by the compiler.

That still beckons the question of what to do when I'm reading the pfile

I'm parsing the pfile to draw out player info for the website...
If I use the figure 1292 I can draw out the number of players in the
That works fine...

I guess what I'm wondering...

first of all... where does the compiler pad the struct...

second... would I just be alright to scan through the struct and pull the
data, and forget the padding...

I would just rather know why and where than to just hack it...
(I'm going to go ahead and write it anyhow... but if anyone has an answer
I'd appreciate it)

Thanx btw George... that was my initial feeling

Lodaren of Rhu-Dina'ar 7777

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