Re: [OLC] Patching

From: Thomas Jones (
Date: 07/27/01

>         Good and bad news!
>         You're probably doing it right, but on most HP systems (and some
> sun ones for that matter) the 'patch' program is not our dearly beloved
> gnu-patch.  Instead, it's the binary patch file for applying vendor
> patches to the system.
>         So, get a version of patch for your system that's the real patch,
> and you should be okay.

I got this error when I first started trying to patch.  If it was the binary
patch he wouldn't get the error about the -p option.  He probably needs to
use patch -p1 < patchname.  That almost always works form inside the src
directory.  I even had one that had to use -p0 which I would have thought
was the same as no -p option at all. And a few patches I have to use -p2.

Thomas Jones

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