Re: OLCv2.0.1 for bpl18 errors

From: Russell Ryan (
Date: 07/27/01

>is it just me or did this happen to everyone else that added OLC to bpl18?
>(big list of undefined reference to 'xx'
end summary.

Check your dependencies? Have it remake depend, or if the dependencies are
in your makefile, go through and update them.

Check created by the patch (or whatever) for changes to
dependencies/makefile that weren't put in. I almost always have to manually
update the makefile when I patch because the makefile changes so much.

Make sure the new files created are in your OBJFILES and CXREF lists..
(gen*.c, r/o/s/z/medit.c etc.)

Just off the top of my head ;p

Good luck,

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