Re: [CODE]Ranges in act.wizard.c

From: Jon Ridgwell (
Date: 07/29/01

>I was traying to change the ranges of hitroll and damroll to (-20, 200) but
>it's not working, 1 time i changed to (-50, 50) and worked perfectly, but
>now i installed Oasisv2.0.1 and i use bpl17. Does it have any influence?
    Not sure of the interaction with Oasis (being an unreasoning hater of
olc) but if you are going to change the range to something like (-20, 200)
then a data type of char will no longer be of any use to you as a signed
char has a valid range of (-128, 128) and an unsigned char a range (0, 256).
Make sure that you modify the data type being used to store hitroll/damroll.
(NOTE: This will probably corrupt your playerfile)
    As you don't state what the problem you have with Oasis is I doubt that
you will get a correct response from anyone. However, if may be possible
that the settable limits for hitroll and damroll are defined again within
the Oasis code. If that is true, then you will also need to change the
ranges there as well.

    Hope this helps.

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