Re: Create character crash

From: Sean Ferguson (
Date: 07/29/01

> Anyway, after a player logs onto the mud, if they pick a name with three
> letters, then go through the entire process, after they've rolled their
> stats but before the motd shows up, the mud crashes.
> I looked through the code a bit (I haven't used gbd or such just yet) and
> thought it was possibly the abbreviation, for some reason, but I'm using
> BAMUD4 compilation and it only has midgaard area, so not many matches.
> To complicate the matter further, you can create a character with a two
> letter name without problem.  So, as far as I've seen, it's only three
> letter names.  All starting characters seem to cause it (i.e., it's not
> just' starts with letters b or m').  I'm boggled.

I am assuming that you are using pre-2.1 ASCII Pfiles.  If this is a
correct assumption then:


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