Re: [CODE]Do_group

From: Chris Powell (
Date: 07/30/01

Mailer code (TM) I cant remember the exact code but it would go like this

in do_group

  int level_high = GET_LEVEL(leader) +15;
  int level_low = GET_LEVEL(leader) -15;

  while (not last follower) do
      if GET_LEVEL(follower) >= level_low &&
        GET_LEVEL(follower)  <= level_high

     then group

     else dont

not terribly efficient but it would work.  I do not know where in do_group
the code would go but that would check to make sure the members in the group
are within 15 levels.  This code does not prevent a level 15 from starting a
group and a level 1 and a level 30 from joining the group.  That would take
more code checking the levels of every one in the group and comparing all of

Chris Powell

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I have randomly developed features.

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