From: Daniel Joao Moniz Correia (
Date: 07/31/01

the current version of the group we use is something like
if in a group of two both get 100% of the mob exp in a 3 group like 80% and
keeps going down as you add members. the exp is then given to the higher
member of the party and the rest of the group get a percentage of that exp
according to the level differences
the mud I play has 109 mortal levels so if a level 10 and a level 105 would
group the level 10 would get like 3 4 % witch wouldn't be that good.
A good group is one that difference levels are no more then 5 10..
 I must disagree on penalizing chars for not dealing damage if like 2
warriors and a cleric would group of course the 2 warriors would be dealing
the most damage but the cleric would be the one allowing them to have
protective spells and keep them healed so he would have a great role on the
outcome of the fight.

Daniel Correia

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