Removing old items

From: Timbrewolf (
Date: 08/04/01

I've been looking through all the archives and snippets I could find and
haven't been able to find really any info on removing old objects.  I was
hoping there was some quick fix for letter items dissolve that have been
sitting in a room for a long time.

Was just curious if anyone has actually successfully implemented something
like this (I saw a couple posts from back in late 90s about setting up flags
for objects and some for rooms (like donation), etc. but it seemed kind of

I've had two primary thoughts.  Both probably not that great *grin*

1.  If no players in a zone, then purge the objects on the ground in the
zone at the next reset (before the reset, obviously ;)  One of the main
problems with this one is that if someone dies in that zone right before it
resets, their corpse will be destroyed.  Also, this doesn't account for
donation rooms, houses, etc.

2.  Maybe have the system set a timer on an object when it's dropped (or
falls off a corpse or a variety of other things).  And when they pick it up,
it removes the timer.  Of course, one of the problems there is that you
couldn't really use timers on special items or someone could just drop it
and pick it up again and the timer would be gone.

Anyone else had thoughts on this?  Or does everyone just let items pile up
on their mud forever? :)

Thanks for all the help!


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