[NEWBIE] Doors and names

From: Luca (wetwork@terra.com.br)
Date: 08/05/01

Here I am again,
     I'm still translating my MUD to portuguese and i don't know where can i
find the definitions of names like Door, Grating, Trapdoor, etc..
        And i don't know why my messages are appearing like this: >Ivanov
destranca a VocÍ. That means: >Ivanov unlocks You. I wish to appera
this: >Ivanov destranca a porta. That means >Ivanov unlocks the door.
      I think it's something about send_to_room that's wrong but i don't know
where and where can i find these kind of definitions. If anyone that have
already translated the mud(for any language) and know what i'm suppose to
do I'll be greatfull.

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