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Date: 08/06/01

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From: "Del" <caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET>

> It seems it is just showing the extra description for the rose, not the
> description. Thats why I asked.
> If it displays the extra description, which it appears to be, it will
> not show the glowing effect.. Change the keyword for the extra description
> and see if it works for ya.

To clarify what is happening here:

Rose (on the ground): name = rose white
                      ex_desc = white

Moonstone (held): name = moonstone white
                  ex_desc = <something other than white>

look white--

First call generic find, which checks for object names in the following
places, in the following order:

char equip, char inventory, on the ground.

in look_at_target, this sets found_obj = Moonstone, because name == white.

Next, check extra descriptions in the following order:

char equip, char inventory, on the ground.

This will find the rose and show its extra description for keyword "white".

Finally, check to see if found_obj is not null, and show whether or not the
object is glowing, etc.  In this case, it displays the aura information for
Moonstone instead of rose, since it found the moonstone when it was
searching for "white" by name.

To fix this, follow Del's suggestion and either remove white from the name
of the Moonstone, or add it to the extra description for the moonstone.


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