Re: [Newbie][idiot] Assistance with MSVC 6.0 and the olc patch

From: The Luthers (Dana and Todd) (
Date: 08/06/01

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From: "George Greer" <greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG>
> On Mon, 6 Aug 2001, Alex wrote:
> >your not-so-friendly facist list admin,
> >Ae. (wondering why we even bother with documentation)
> It was once explained to me by a network administrator that the only reason
> they have signs is so they can point them out to angry people.  Nobody
> reads them, but they're great to shift the blame to the proper place when
> people complain.
> We bother with documentation because Jeremy said we have to have some. :)

On behalf of the *MANY MANY* people who have read and valued the time
spent in creating that documentation, and in the face of such
frusteration, I'd like to say thank you.


With the rip buf patch that George posted a while ago, there was a
shift from using sprintf to snprintf. However, this is not something
that is supported by the windows systems. Have you considered making a
circle version of the snprintf, similar to the way you made a circle
specific strn_cpy?


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