[CODE][BUG] Shop bugs (top_shop_offset)

From: Mike Breuer (mbreuer@new.rr.com)
Date: 08/09/01

Sorry for not replying...I got dropped from the list due (I think) to ISP
problems, and I read Dust's message on the archive page.  As far as I can
tell, no one has posted this particular solution.

First, I would strongly advocate removing top_shop_offset from the code
altogether.  It is used erroneously in several places and seems to be
causing the infamous sedit bug.  I will summarize all of the code changes
here, since they are not extensive, and some changes were missed in previous
posts regarding the solution.

-extern int top_shop_offset;

-int top_shop_offset = 1;

-     for (shop = 0; shop <= top_shop - top_shop_offset; shop++)
+     for (shop = 0; shop <= top_shop; shop++)

-     for (counter = 0; counter <= top_shop - top_shop_offset; counter++)
+     for (counter = 0; counter <= top_shop; counter++)

-   for (rshop_num = 0; rshop_num <= top_shop - top_shop_offset;
+   for (rshop_num = 0; rshop_num <= top_shop; rshop_num++)

-   RECREATE(shop_index, struct shop_data, top_shop - top_shop_offset + 1);
+   RECREATE(shop_index, struct shop_data, top_shop + 1);

-   for (rshop = top_shop - top_shop_offset; rshop > 0; rshop--) {
+   for (rshop = top_shop; rshop > 0; rshop--) {

The most glaring error I discovered is the RECREATE above, which does not
actually allocate enough memory for the entire shop_index.  top_shop is a
pointer to the last element, not the size of the array, so even though the
top_shop is being incremented right above the RECREATE, you still need to
allocation top_shop + 1 elements.

Without the above modifications:
This bug would cause one shop to drop out of the list each time a shop is
added.  If you happen to modify the zone containing the dropped shop, then
it will be lost on disk, too.  Otherwise, it will be fine after a reboot.
Of course, if you ever try to access shop_index[top_shop] (or
shop_index[top_shop - top_shop_index + 1], which is the same thing), you
will probably crash.


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