Re: NEWBIE: New Players Crash on Quit

From: Ernest DeVore (
Date: 08/09/01

I isolated the problem down to comm.c within void close_socket. It's the
following line:


I comment this out, the game closes out the player just fine and no
crash. Weird. I examined the free_char routine and it (according to
comments) just frees up memory allocated to the player. So this prompts
me to come to you with a few more questions.

A) I haven't modified free_char at all (it is as virgin as it exists in
stock db.c files.) Any ideas what could be causing this new memory

B) If I just leave it removed, it's a memory leak. How many players can
we go through before it starts to bog down the machine? I'm thinking

C) Does anyone have any better ideas on how to free up that memory?

Ernest DeVore

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