Re: Saving PC Corpses

From: Dust (
Date: 08/13/01

I have a mini morgue system setup, it doesn't save the corpses per se,
but what happens is when a player dies, their corpse goes to their
town's morgue instantly.
You could set it up so it goes to a certain room but basically:

fight.c: void make_corpse
  /* If this is a player, send corpse to the morgue. */
  if (!IS_NPC(ch)) {
    obj_to_room(corpse, real_room(MORGUE_ROOM));
    sprintf(buf, "&cYou see a corpse fall out of the sky.&n\r\n");
    send_to_room(buf, real_room(MORGUE_ROOM));
  } else
    obj_to_room(corpse, ch->in_room);

A more advanced system which I saw particially finished on a circlemud
was where the corpse was truly saved (between crashs) in a morgue and
you bought your corpse based on your level and the value of items you
had. There are patches/snips I believe of player corpse saving on the
ftp site, take a look, however if your using xapobjs and iedit where
you have non standard items (renamed swords, etc), I'm assuming you'll
have to make an ascii save for it like how the house saving needs to
be changed to support them saving unique items, etc.

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