Re: spec_procs

From: Artovil (
Date: 08/14/01

At 16:19 2001-08-13 -0700, you wrote:
>Ok. I got that down now, and I see how they work. But how do I make a
>certain mob act by the specific "rules" in spec_procs.c? I know there is a
>SPEC flags to put on the mob, but I know there is more to it than that!

I suggest you take a look at Linda Raymond's specset package, it can be
found on the FTP somewhere, and I am not going to give you the link,
because I haven't got it, search, that's half of the fun! :)  The package
lets you assign specsets on the fly, and they save to disk as well.  If you
trust all your builders with spec_procs (I don't) you can also add options
to your OLC.  If you use Oasis I can probably send in some code that I have
put into my CircleMUD (but later commented out).

Kind regards,

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