From: George Greer (
Date: 08/14/01

You have at least 4 months until a release with the send_to_char() variable
argument changes show up.  I plan for that to be included in the bpl20
release but if something stupid shows up before 4 months then I'll release
bpl20 without it.

bpl20's patch is planned to come in two editions: Normal and Extra Crispy.
Err, I mean: Normal and send_to_charf().  The 'official' codebase will have
send_to_char(ch, format, args).  The 'send_to_charf' edition will make all
of the variable argument send_to_char() calls into send_to_charf() instead
for those people not wanting to change everything.  The .tar file will have
'send_to_char()' only.

For reference, the variable argument changes are:

Global variables will be on a '#if' toggle, by default off.

George Greer

Time to go play BG2:ToB!

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