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Date: 08/17/01

At 12:29 2001-08-16 +0200, you wrote:
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>From: "Artovil" <artovil@ARCANEREALMS.ORG>
> > Today I set a player's values manually, since there was some problem with
> > his weapon profs, and just when I was about to save he logged back
> > in.  Somehow his player file was saved down again with a \r attached to the
> > end of it.  It seemed to work ok, but he had lost all his objects.  His new
> > object file saved like: turgon\r.objs.
>Your solution:
>cd lib/pfiles
>dos2unix */*

Nope. Edited the file in jed, localhost.
But, on a second note, I assumed this might have been it, so I even tried
dos2unix, but it didn't work at all, and I even replaced the pfile with an
old one, still no effect.  Something was read from the object file, not the
player file.

>The reason:
>This is how your pfile looked before (including special chars):
>Name: Turgon\n
>Levl: xx\n
>Then you download and edit it in a _dos_ editor, save it and it looks like

Even if I would've edited it in EditPlus it takes linebreaks into

>Name: Turgon\r\n
>Levl: xx\r\n
>When the mud reads this in it takes all the text between ': ' and '\n' and
>assigns GET_PC_NAME(ch) to this value; GET_PC_NAME(ch) = str_dup("Turgon\r");

Hmm... Will try to reproduce it.

>This value is then used in looking up the object files, finding no match.
>As a side note, all linux files with this name in them will look very
>strange (syslog example):
>Mon 13th aug. 05:05:05 : Welcor has connected.
>has connected.05:05:05 : Turgon
>since a \r is actually written to output when doing a 'tail syslog'
>This is how I discovered the problem in the first place.

We discovered the problem in GMud, since it takes \r into consideration
when it prints stuff out, other clients seem to ignore it since none of the
other people saw it on screen.


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