64 bit bitvector problems

From: halitus (halitus@myrealbox.com)
Date: 08/18/01

    I added some races and classes, and my number of extra object flags
is now at 35 so the stock number of bitvectors won't work for me.
Since I am using linux I decided to change my bitvector_t to
typedef unsigned long long int, and I went through and changed all the
/* bitvector_t */ comments and changed them like the comment said to do
for this to work.  I also changed the object effect #define's to be
in the form (#ULL << #ULL).

Now my oedit extra flags menu doesn't work correctly.
Choosing anything over choice 32 causes it to wrap back to the (# - 32)
choice.  Choosing 32 itself causes it to say the flags set are flags
32-35, plus 29 "UNDEFINED"'s.  So I don't get it, from the 29
UNDEFINED's it shows I would think that obj_data.extra_flags
(which I have decalared as "bitvector_t extra_flags") was indeed
recognized as the new 64 bit type, but the fact that it wraps at 33-35
makes it seem that it is still a 32 bit type.

Oh boy does this ever confuse me :)  If anyone can help I'd
appreciate it.  Using bpl16 with Oasis 2.0 if it makes a difference.

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