PING - email possibilities?

From: Shane Lee (
Date: 08/19/01

I'm looking at different ways that I would be able to check to
see if an email address exists, for purposes of my Mercury
email system for CircleMUD.
I ran across the idea of using ping, but kinda ran into
a tricky situation. While ping readily transmits packets to and, it won't recognize my
email address:
So, I was hoping maybe someone on this list might be able
to help me out.
Here's my plan: When a person finishes an email in Mercury, I
want to cehck to see if the address in the To: field will
accept the email. Otherwise, you end up with a dead-letter,
and if this happens too often, a perturbed sysadmin.
Right now, the dead-letter is shunted to the inbox of the MUD
account, and I certainly don't want to open a security hole
by having Mercury check the inbox.
If there's another, easier method, or anything at all that would
work, I would be happy to hear about it.


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