Re: Text Editors and Linebreaks (was Mob bugs)

From: Luca (
Date: 08/19/01

At 22:42 19/08/01 +0200, you wrote:

>*jumps up and down in exasperation and just points at Luna*
>But, but... Winword is not ASCII safe? Winword is the devil, Windows Word
>is the disowned, outcast, bespittled, and hated mongrel of all plain text
>editors.  It does not preserve line breaks, it converts certain characters
>automagically, and it does everything Bill tells it to.  It lies to you and
>tells you things you want to hear, while it in fact eats your world files
>like deep fried chicken.
>*shudders at the thought of WinWord editing his worldfiles*
>When you edit ANY file in the lib directory, please use an editor that
>preserves and takes linebreaks and other ASCII characters into
>consideration, for instance, I heartily recommend EditPlus, or any such
>editor.  The devc++ is good for code, but not to edit such files with.
>If you search on Google for dos2unix you will find several tools that you
>can download and use.  There are several that are free, and that you can
>get the source for and just compile.  Those are the best kind, since you
>can modify the code to suit your needs.

Thank you because of the clues, and I know that winword sucks!
But I don't know why when I make a E-spec Mob it crashes and when i make a
S-spec Mob it goes normally. Even in WinWord!!!

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