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From: Shane Lee (
Date: 08/21/01

Here's my two cents (not to be confused with sense):
Charisma is all about a person's personality force, their ability to
convince others
that they are very much to be reckoned with, correct? Whether in politics,
basic BS sessions with your friends, charisma is a much-sought-after gift.
So, when we look at the basic classes in Circle, we find the following:

Now, being that charisma is considered to be linked to a person's
we should first look to see which of these four classes would benefit the
from possessing charisma.
First, we would probably suggest the Mage, since his is mostly an inner
dealing with spells contained in the mind, and thus suggesting intelligence
charisma. The thing to question here is this: does a mage necessarily need
attribute to survive? The answer is no. A Mage of even meager talents could
survive quite well enough alone, not needing charisma to feed and clothe
or even to help him out of a desperate situation.
Next, we look at the Cleric. By all means, one called to such a position as
healer MUST posses more than his fair share of charisma. He/she must be
able to put others at ease, by mere sense of presence. Any good doctor is
able to do this, even if its by training. As is any good religious figure.
And I
consider a Cleric to be part doctor and part priest.
Next comes the Thief. A swindler without charisma MIGHT be able to survive
when only surrounded by fools, but to be a successful thief, one must posses
a great deal of this attribute, if nothing more than to convince people that
are no more than a harmless vagabond, who wouldn't dream of cutting your
Finally, we come to the Warrior. When it comes to strong-arm tactics,
is a must. In order to convince that thief yonder that you are more than
of separating his head from his shoulders, you must exude an air of
in your abilities with a sword. But that's about it. People skills are not
a basic part of a young Warrior's training.
Thus, here is my scale, 1 to 10:
Mage: 3 to 5
Cleric: 7 to 10
Thief: 9 to 10
Warrior: 3 to 5

Of course, this is all my own personal feelings about the subject, others
disagree, in one degree or another.
These are a few areas where high degrees of charisma are a must:
Spells of Enchantment, Healing arts, theft.
There are many others, but we ARE talking about stock Circle here, and not
a highly developed MUD with bartering, clans and such. Also, it might be a
good idea to require a high degree of charisma from the leader of a group,
though players may balk at this.

Please direct all flames and ridicule to my personal email address :-)


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