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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 08/21/01

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> Shouldn't we actually use this attribute for something?
> I was thinking shopkeeper pricing, charmed creature limits, and charmed
> creature obediance.
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> Charisma is _never_ used currently.

        I don't think we should use it.  It's there, primarily because of
the TSR-Dungeons and Dragons roots.  Even Dungeons and Dragons doesn't use
it all that much.  Even intelligence and wisdom define more definite
limits in that game system (# of spells/level, max level of spells, % for
magic failure [optional rule never used]).

        Back to charisma and code additions in general, if it doesn't add
something tangible to the system, you should yank it out.  You shouldn't
just put things into the code and then just figure out a new use for it.

        You should find a need/use for something and then implement it,
not the other way around.


        The one stat that our system lacks that many similar systems do
have is 'luck'.  Some random value added or subtracted from any 'hidden'
die roll.  In more complex systems, changes the type or percent chance
to receive a critical miss/hit, as well as things like monster gold, or,
at the DM's discresion random every day occurances:

        "Oh look, you found a gold piece in the mud."

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