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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 08/21/01

> b) Keep a 'multiple' count on each object to specify how many of that item
> this particular obj_data structure represents.  Any modifications to an
> object would be treated under the same principle as copy-on-write.

        All for this option.  It's a heck of a lot easier than playing the
sorting game, ala mob & obj stacking.

>   1) The number of unique objects owned by players.
>   2) The number of objects owned by players.
        Haven't checked this exactly on a 'live' mud, but a copy of a
decent size system and the load-up stats I have running (hoarder
stats) shows three types of people;

20% are newbie junk collectors.  They have more bread and meat bits than
anyone else. a full 80% of the eq is duplicates.  Average eq list is 60-80

5% are storage characters with nearly all unique equipment.  average is
not useful here, but varies between 50 and 400 items.

the remaining 75% contain mostly unique equipment (though they all have
the SAME unique eq), but about 20% is duplicated.  Range of eq, about the
same as the storage characters, 50-400, some with more.

        This is from an (at-the-time) active player base of around 1500,
with perhaps 80 core (10 hr a day +) characters with multiple characters
accounting for perhaps 30-40% of the character base.

        Also of note: this was a monty haul campaign, with no weight
limits or # of items in inventory limits, and rent not required when

        Kinda a worse case scenario, though it's average from what I've


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