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Date: 08/21/01

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>    I'm trying to add another pet shop to my M.U.D because i added a new town
> and i have no idea how can i do that, if anyone can help me.

Actually, it's quite simple.  All you need to do is create a pet shop room
and a storage room.  The storage room should have the very next VNUM after
the shop room, and there should be no entrances/exits.  Also, make it
private or a Godroom, or something to prevent people from teleporting there.
Next, modify your zone to load all of your pets into the storage room.
There should always be exactly one of each kind of pet.  Finally, go into
spec_assign.c and add the pet_shops procedure to your shop room.  If you
want, you can also put a shopkeeper in there, but that's just for show.


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