[ADMIN] Adjusting difficulties?

From: Dust (dustlos@hotmail.com)
Date: 08/23/01

For my next project of a MUD I was pondering something where the
mobile's difficulty adjusts to match the player in some way, however I
couldn't envision a good method of doing so. If a system where
whenever a person fights a mob makes the mob change its difficulty
(life, etc), a level 70 player could hit a goblin and make the goblin
real hard, then a level 1 good pop along and all the stats might end
up weird because of the changes (loss of life on the part of the
goblin might translate into a % change). Also groups of varying levels
would cause difficulty (perhaps taking a group average level to
determine the difficulty) in an autoadjusting system. Can anyone help
me think up a rough sketch for such a system?

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