Re: Adjusting difficulties?

From: Dust (
Date: 08/23/01

Another concern that goes with that is life handling, the damage
adjustment would work out well as well as a AC/to-hit adjustment
might, but a goblin with 5 life wont challenge someone even if it does
more damage and is tad bit harder to hit. Scaling down the player's
damage would look like s/he was getting weaker and is undesirable, the
only thing I could think up of is if a player with a high level damage
a mob (and that mobs life increases by some %), if someone else were
to fight the mob, its life would decrease but would be off by some %
(ie: player with level 100 does like 100 damage to a mob with 1000
life, a level 50 player would face a mob maybe with 500 max life but
only 450 to keep the 10% damage done before). But again kill stealing
and so forth with groups would make it difficult to have a concrete
set of rules regarding how to handle the mob's life; any further ideas
for this part? ;) (I don't even understand what I said)

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