Re: Bpl19 Changes & OasisOLC v2.0.1

From: George Greer (
Date: 08/24/01

On Fri, 24 Aug 2001, Caniffe wrote:

>> It should work just fine if you don't overlap anything. Granted, I never
>> actually compiled the bpl19 support because I was working from a bpl18
>> codebase with the OasisOLC patch.  The idea should be there though.
>Which is what I thought, but what of the zone saving itself?  With the
>zone overlaps and stuff like that, how exactly should OasisOLC be
>instructed to store zone reset information, such as loading mobiles and
>the like?

Zone information remains as it was, indexed by virtual number.

>I'm not planning anything fancy, just the flexibility that the new zone
>structure gives would be nice.  As such, anything maybe as 1130-1500
>could be earmarked as zone 12, for example - and anything that loads
>within these rooms to be contained within the one zone file.

Mobiles and objects technically aren't in zones so you can divide it up the
same as rooms if you want or have separate virtual number spaces for

George Greer

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