Re: New CircleMUD License FAQ

From: George Greer (
Date: 08/25/01

On Sat, 25 Aug 2001, Robert S. Hines wrote:

>        First off, I love OOP - not mindlessly, but anything more complex
>than a .cgi script :-). Secondly, I like threads. Lot's and lots of
>threads intertwined to make a whole and speed things considerably. And
>before I get the rash of emails explaining how difficult and anti-
>portable that would be, lemme say I have been writing code for +15 years
>now and I am well aware of how big my mouth is and what I can bite off.

I've wanted whatever new project to have a the characters treated as their
own thread logically.  Whether that's implemented as a real thread, a
separate process each, or just creative switching (i.e., GNU pth) doesn't
matter a lot to me.  It might not end up that way but it seems a logical
way to represent it.

>        If someone is interested in splitting off and writing from the
>ground up in C++ I would be very interested in the project. I'm recently
>much more of a win32 developer (manager/whatever) and I love emacs. I'd
>be willing to dedicate some time to the new development, and will
>probably just go off and do it myself if no one takes the lead.

Not from scratch and not very active though.

Don't hold your breath for anything I'd be doing.

George Greer

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